HorseSensing Fundraisers 2023

Our Fundraising Events

2nd Annual Bake-Off
April 29, 2023

Last year's Bake-Off was Pies only.

This year we've added Cakes!

Each Division will win…

1st place $350

2nd Place $250

3rd Place $150

People's Choice $100

Best Table Gift Basket

$30 entry fee through April 15

Shelby County Fair BBQ Smoke-Off
June 17, 2023

This is a Backyard Ribs Competition with KCBS certified judges.

It will be a party for the Community with Live Music,

a High School Steak Competition and LOTS of Raffle Prizes.

The Prize Money will be…

1st Place $550

2nd Place $350

3rd Place $250


$65 entry fee

Our Fundraising Events

Horseman's Club Charity Gala at the Shelbyville Horse Show
August 2-5, 2023

Tickets go on sale June 19

$45 through July 17

$50 July 18 - August 5

HorseSensing's 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off
October 21, 2023

By far, the most popular event held in the HorseSensing Barn last year! This year there will be twice the number of cooks and bigger payouts!

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